10 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Tilda Swinton

March 5, 2014


Tilda Swinton’s ethereal beauty provides a refreshing distraction from the dime a dozen Hollywood starlets that are churned out by the entertainment industry every year.
Standing at an intimidating 5’10” with translucent skin and strikingly androgynous features, Tilda has always been seen as something of an eccentric character.

She has also had an incredible eclectic career that has seen her switch between the roles of actor, artist, model and living art piece.

1. She went to school with Princess Diana
Tilda is from an incredibly well-bred family that can trace its heritage back to the middle ages.

She was a colleague of the future princess at the West Heath Girls School in Sevenoaks, England.

2. Considered for title role in Bridget Jones Diary
The ultimate chick-flick that stars Renee Zellweger was originally intended for Tilda and would definitely have been a very different movie.

3. Joined the Communist Party at Cambridge University
Whilst studying for a degree in social and political sciences, Tilda was an active member of the political group before later joining the Scottish Socialist Party.

4. Founded a traveling film festival
In 2009, Tilda and filmmaker Mark Cousins hauled a 33-ton portable cinema across the Scottish Highlands bringing independent cinema to a different village every night.

5. Was David Bowie’s wife
Artistically speaking, Tilda became the wife of rock legend David Bowie for a short period while starring in the video for his song The Stars (Are Out Tonight) in 2013.

6. Was a living work of Art
As part of an art installation by friend and producer Joanne Scanlan, Tilda slept in a glass box that was displayed at the Sepentine Gallery in London for a week.

7. Is an artist in her own right
Tilda’s very own artwork was displayed at the New York Museum of Modern Art in 2013. The piece was a live artwork entitled ?The Maybe?.

8. Is a gay rights champion
Tilda released a photograph of herself in front of the Kremlin holding a rainbow flag to show her support for the LGBT community along with the statement “In Solidarity: From Russia with love.”

9. Appeared on four tracks on a Patrick Wolf album
But of course singing was far too normal for Tilda, so her lines are spoken over the music on the critically acclaimed album ‘The Bachelor’.

10. Had a thoroughly modern family
Rumor has it that for a while Tilda was living with the father of her children whilst traveling the world with her lover. They all lived together in a huge secluded mansion in the Scottish Highlands. As well as being an Oscar winning actress, accomplished artist and general all-round enigma, Tilda is undeniably interesting.

When off-duty, she is seen pottering about her garden dressed in baggy cardigans and flip-flops, but when it’s time to work she slips seamlessly into the role of Hollywood icon and can work the red carpet like a pro. Anti-establishment types have always been especially intriguing to the general public, and Tilda plays this role to perfection.

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