10 Celebrities that Make You Love Twitter

January 22, 2014

If you love twitter, you’ll want to start following these popular celebrities who love sharing their live via twitter.

1. Hugh Bonneville – @hughbon


Downton Abbey’s ‘Earl of Grantham’ is a busy actor and a perpetual tweeter as well. He posts pictures from behind the scenes and is not shy about letting his fans know where he is currently located. He is also quite funny, posting random jokes and insights about his daily encounters.

2. Brendan Coyle – @brendancoyle99


This is another Downton Abbey star (John Bates) who loves to share on Twitter, and though most of his tweets are about fellow cast mate Elizabeth and her current gigs, it is nice to know that we have access to first-hand information about the Downton family.

3. Craig Ferguson – @CraigyFerg


This is a constantly entertaining feed, with Craig posting pictures and posts about his daily escapades, usually with expressions and gestures to match the situation. He also talks about his favorite shows and what seasons he is currently keeping up with, posting his reactions as the episodes unfold.

4. One Direction – @onedirection


This is the most famous Twitter feed these days, with 160,967,015 followers. The band mostly tweets about their upcoming shows, giveaways and news about their tours in general. If you are a fan, then you will enjoy this constant source of insight into the boys’ lives.

5. Jonathan Ross – @wossy


The sole reason that Jonathan is on this list is because he has been caught tweeting drunk, and there is nothing more amusing than a drunken celebrity on a public forum. Be sure to add him and look out for his post party tweets.

6. Fearne Cotton – @Fearnecotton


Fearne’s feed makes you realise that celebrities are human too and that they have the same problems that we do. Her daily posts consist of her rants about her daily struggles and you would be surprised at how many of her posts you can relate to. Apparently the weather affects celebrity moods as well.

7. Alan Carr – @AlanCarr‎


This is a hysterical addition to every mini-feed, with his daily insights and constant jokes putting a smile on everyone’s face. He does not just tweet on his wall, but also joins in conversations with other celebrities and shows, adding a bit of fun to everyone’s feeds.

8. Jessie J – @JessieJ


This busy musician is a favourite on Twitter because she treats her followers with respect and replies to their posts often. She posts pictures about her days, backstage shots, information about her upcoming events and much more. If you are a fan, then you will enjoy this inside look at her world.

9. Ricky Gervais – @rickygervai


He has quite the fan following, with 1.5 million users that have him on their feeds. He is random and hilarious, posting the way he talks. His tweets are mostly funny and he posts quite a few times in a day, adding that light touch to your busy schedule.

10. Russel Brand – @rustyrockets


This British comedian is an avid tweeter, who is as hilarious on Twitter as he is on the telly. His posts mostly consist of whatever jokes he has found funny on that particular day, displaying a mix of his quick wit and humour.

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