10 Celebs You’d Never Guess Attempted Suicide

stephen fry

Sad as it is, sometimes a lifetime of fame, wealth and success can’t save us from our demons. Often the most successful people are the most unbalanced, even if they put on a happy face for the cameras. Here are a few celebrities who attempted suicide and (fortunately) failed.

1. Stephen Fry

British national treasure Stephen Fry defines the term “multi-talented”.

A noted author, actor, comedian, journalist, playwright, filmmaker, and public speaker, Stephen Fry transformed himself from troubled youth to pop culture icon with trademark wit and self-deprecating humor.

He’s a major gay rights advocate and an early promoter of England’s tech boom, making him an invaluable cultural voice in countless fields.

He’s also battled manic depression and severe bipolar disorder his entire life, a battle he nearly lost as recently as 2012.

In an interview, Fry claimed he downed copious amounts of vodka and pills while filming a movie abroad. The film, entitled “Stephen Fry – Out There”, depicted Fry confronting several anti-gay activists in Russia.

The film took an emotional toll on the frequently unstable man, who had to be flown back to the UK to be “looked after”. Fans were devastated upon hearing this news and there was a worldwide outpouring of support, which Fry accepted with jovial humility and grace.

This was not the first time Fry had attempted suicide however. As a youth he was jailed once for credit card theft and he frequently struggled with substance abuse issues as well as his identity as a gay man. Today, Fry insists he is getting the help he needs. Here’s hoping he continues his improvement.

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  • Samantha Forster

    Stephen Fry has ‘manic depression’ and ‘severe bi-polar’ err, they are one and the same. Well done that researcher!

    • Tony Emery

      No they are NOT! severe bi-polar is much more serious than manic depression and involves serious mental health issues AND a “second personality” involved in the illness.

      • jd

        Actually your wrong pal. I have bipolar and no 2nd personality!!!

      • lucy

        No it doesn’t, I suggest you look at the NHS site ehere you will get an accurate description. It was also refered to in the past as manic depression. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder which can cause changes in the personlity, due to muddled thought delusions and hallucinations.

      • Bipolar Survivor

        They are the same thing! Manic depression is the old name for what is now called Bipolar Disorder. I have Bipolar disorder and have no idea what you mean by a “second personality.” Bipolar involves moods & emotions that swing from Mania to Depression (hence it’s old name of Manic Depression.)

      • Sister Moon

        You’re just teasing us all right? You don’t really believe that..(surely?)

        Perhaps I’m being overly harsh, but you sound so convinced that what you’re saying is accurate. All joking aside, can you explain what you mean, and where you got the notion of ‘serious mh issues and a second personality’ – especially the last bit. I’m genuinely interested, I have bipolar but I also work in the mental health field and it helps to hear how people develop their knowledge of mh issues (as their accounts can be used to develop new strategies for health promotion/tackling stigma/education etc etc)

  • Voice of Reason

    This isn’t drew barrymore

  • Medusa Jordan

    I think it is a bit s**t to say that Drew Carey ‘claims’ to have been molested. That implies that he is just saying it.

    I am not surprised at all at most of these people, as if you know anything about them at all it is not at all unexpected that they would attempt suicide, considering their early traumas.

  • Michael McElligott

    i am glad they failed in their attempt sometimes failure can save your life , which cant be a bad thing