10 Things About Harry Potter That J.K. Rowling Never Mentioned Before

Helena Bonham Carter

The world of Harry Potter is an incredible creation straight from the mind of J.K. Rowling, but there are still mysteries surrounding the stories that J.K. Rowling has not mentioned before.

Although we have poured through all seven books and watched the eight movies created from the series, there are still surprises to learn about the Harry Potter series.

Here are some of the never mentioned before secrets from the series that we have uncovered.

1. Vol de Mort

The name of the character Voldemort when broken down to “Vol de Mort” means “flight of death” in French. This is fitting for such an intense character in text and film.

This is just one of the many elements of the intricacies from the literature that carried over to the filming as well.

Voldemort was portrayed in the Harry Potter series of films by Ralph Fiennes, an actor who has had a long and distinguished career in a wide variety of different films, many of which have been nominated for major Academy Awards.

He was in “Schindler’s List,” “Skyfall” and “Cemetary Junction,” among others.

In the series, Voldemort is often referred to as “he who must not be named”. The theory is that even saying his name can conjure up the evil he possesses.

Voldemort is the one responsible for giving Harry Potter the lightning scar on his forehead after trying to kill him when he was a baby.

The main theme throughout the seven book series is Voldemort trying to get his revenge on Harry and kill him at last.

Harry is the only wizard throughout the series that has been able to fight Voldemort and not be killed by the evil wizard.

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