10 Unforgettable British Royal Scandals That Shocked The World

king edward

British royalty are supposed to be the most buttoned-up, well-behaved people in history… but that’s not exactly what happens. The monarchy is filled with well-known scandals that could fill countless gossip columns. While it was hard to pick the tops, here’s our best shot at the top 10 unforgettable British scandals.

1. King Edward Abdicates

The idea of giving up being the King of England for the love of a woman seems more like an epic Hollywood blockbuster than a true-life story.

But in 1936, only 362 days into his reign, King Edward stepped down from the throne to marry Wallis Simpson, an American socialite who was — gasp! — divorced. Well, twice divorced, but who’s counting?

While Edward reportedly did not enjoy being King too much anyway, the idea of giving up the crown he had been raised for caused a great scandal and stir.

When talks hit parliament that he would propose to Simpson, the Prime Minister threatened to abdicate. Not wishing to cause political arrest and wanting to marry Simpson, Edward abdicated, and his brother Albert went on to be crowned King George VI.

When Edward abdicated, he said it was to marry “the woman I love.” They went on to be one of the era’s most stylish couples, and were given the titles of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

Simpson was known for her fashionable ensembles, and they remained seemingly happily married for all their lives. The Duke passed in 1972 and Simpson remained largely out of the public eye thereafter, before dying in Paris in 1986.

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