10 Unforgettable British Royal Scandals That Shocked The World

sarah ferguson

2. Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson’s Payoff

Search for Sarah Ferguson and “scandal,” and numerous years will pop up.

That’s because the former Duchess of York who was married to Prince Andrew has had her fair share of headlines since marrying and subsequently divorcing the Prince in 1986.

Known to the world as “Fergie,” she was initially a hot topic for her ever-fluctuating weight.

But the fiery redhead really made headlines when she was photographed with numerous other men who were definitely not Prince Andrew. Ultimately, the couple separated in 1992.

That could have been the end of things, but roughly six months after her separation, she was photographed topless sunbathing while a millionaire sucked her toes. Scandalous stuff. She and Prince Andrew ultimately divorced in 1996, but she retained the title of Duchess of York.

Many years later, Fergie rocked the headlines once again when she offered a businessman access to the royal family and specifically Prince Andrew for a half-million pounds. The businessman was actually an undercover reporter who exposed Fergie’s exploits, including sharing video where she takes a briefcase filled with $40,000.

While she certainly got a lot of negative press from the incident — and a significant dose of mistrust from the royal family — her notoriety gained and she made an appearance on “Oprah” and saw increased sales of her children’s books. All of this means we likely have not heard the last of the Duchess of York.

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