11 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Rita Ora

March 14, 2014

Rita Ora has taken the pop world by storm after her debut album Ora shot straight to number one in the UK. It’s hard to believe that Rita has only been around a few short years as she has managed to fit so much into her professional life so far. The following list contains 11 little known facts about one of the hardest working ladies in the music business.

1. She Was Born in Kosovo


Rita is originally from Pristina, Kosovo, but she grew up in London after her parents fled the country. The video for her hit song Shine Ya Light was shot in Pristina by director Emil Nava. The video shows the star riding through the streets of Kosovo on the back of a motorcycle and performing for excited locals.

Rita has previously stated that she is proud of her roots and her difficult upbringing by telling journalists “It’s now gone from sharing a room to having your own place, you know. I don’t forget where I’m from. I thank everyone in my family, my friends and my fans every day.”

2. She Dated Rob Kardashian


Rita bravely took on one member of the notorious Kardashian clan when she began a relationship with Kim Kardashian’s brother. As expected, the relationship came to a very bitter, publicized end with Rob Kardashian almost ruining Rita’s career.

After being dumped, Rob took to Twitter to vent his fury by claiming Rita had cheated on him with over 20 different guys and that she had also become pregnant with his baby. Rita maintained a dignified silence immediately after the outburst but later commented that “You should have to sit an exam before you go on Twitter to see if you’re mentally stable.”

3. She Attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School


Rita attended the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School in London that counts stars such as Amy Winehouse, Billie Piper and Emma Bunton amongst its former pupils. Reminiscing about her time at the stage school, Rita claimed that she was a “cheeky” pupil and did not always obey the rules. The star claimed that “I hated wearing a hairnet.

Sylvia would come into ballet class and catch me without one.” Despite her initial rebellion, Rita went on to sign with Roc Nation records at the tender age of 18. She counts Jay Z as one of her greatest mentors and inspirations.

4. She Scrapped the First Version of Her Debut Album


Rita’s debut album was released on 27th August 2012 and shot straight to number one. Two singles from the album RIP and How We Do (Party) also reached number one in the UK. However, the creative process was not an easy one with Rita stating that it took over three years to get the album ready for release.

The star claims that she entered the studio in a fit of excitement and would write and write until the entire album was finished almost immediately. After careful consideration, Rita decided the album was not good enough and binned it to start again from the beginning.

5. She Owns a Personalized Bottle of Tabasco Sauce


Although many stars can boast of having their own star on Hollywood Boulevard, none can claim ownership of their very own personalized tabasco sauce. Rita has stated in several interviews that she has a mild obsession with the condiment and sprinkles it over cereal, fruit and pretty much everything else.

She even claimed to carry a bottle in her purse for emergencies. The company was so thrilled by her support they wrote her a letter of thanks and included a bottle of tabasco sauce with the words – Rita “I’m just weird like that. I just really love hot sauce.”

6. She Has a Mezzo-Soprano Vocal Range


Rita is classed as having a mezzo-soprano vocal range. This refers to a classic female singing voice that sits in between the contralto and soprano categories. In classical music, mezzo-sopranos usually sing the supporting role in operas. However, many famous operas use this type of voice for the lead role such as Carmen, Barber of Seville and Samson et Dalila.

Rita credits her former vocal coach from Sylvia Young for helping her reach her full vocal range. The singer stated that her coach was especially tough and would often shout and swear at her until she got it right.

7. She Dated Bruno Mars


Rita broke hearts all over the world after announcing that she had enjoyed a romance with fellow singer Bruno Mars before the two became famous. After Rita signed her deal with Roc Nation, Bruno was hired as her song writer. Rita stated that it was “love at first sight” and the good-looking pair enjoyed a “wonderful” time together.

The pressures of work eventually got in the way and they decided to end their relationship as their careers began to take off. However, the two stars remain good friends and were even spotted hanging out since their break-up on multiple occasions.

8. She Entered the Eurovision Song Contest


Before finding fame and fortune, Rita auditioned for the show Eurovision: Your Country Needs You! The singer auditioned in front of Andrew Lloyd Webber at the age of just 16. After singing Oleta Adams’ hit song Get Here If You Can, Rita had second thoughts and left the competition before hearing whether or not she had been selected.

The judges were blown away by her performance and wanted to offer her the chance to represent the UK. Rita has since stated that she is glad she never went through with the competition as her career would have taken a very different course.

9. She Was Named After Rita Hayworth


Rita’s grandfather Besim Sahatçiu was a film director who idolized movie actress Rita Hayworth. Rita was named after the iconic actress and credits her as one of her idols. As well as music, Rita is also a talented actress that has appeared in a number of productions. She was cast in the British movie Spivs that was released in 2004.

Rita also appeared as a guest star on 90210 and as a racer in Fast and the Furious 6. She is also filming for Fifty Shades of Grey and appeared as a guest host on the X Factor where she received positive reviews.

10. She Appeared as a Special Guest at the 100th Anniversary of the Independence of Albania


In 2012, the tiny country of Albania celebrated 100 years of independence from the Ottoman Empire. In honour of the occasion, a huge concert was organized in Mother Theresa Square that sits in the heart of the country’s capital on the 29th of October.

As one of the most famous performers with Albanian heritage, Rita agreed to attend the concert as a special guest. The singer even waived her usual fee for attending and only asked for ‘optimal conditions’ for her performance. Thousands of excited fans gathered in the rain to watch the singer who gave an incredible performance that delighted the crowd.

11. She Doesn’t Count Rihanna Amongst Her Fans


Despite denials from both parties, there has been a long-running feud between Rihanna and Rita Ora. Rihanna first became upset with her label-mate after accusing the singer of copying her style both musically and fashion-wise. Rumours also surfaced of Rita apparently landing a song that was originally written for Rihanna and also stole her part in Fast and the Furious 6.

Rihanna is said to have issued an ultimatum to mutual friend Cara Delevingne demanding that she choose between the two singers. Both Rita and Rihanna are known for being fiery, outspoken personalities so this probably won’t end well for the pair.


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