12 Actresses Mostly Known As ‘Drama Queens’

December 19, 2013

1. Emma Watson


Emma Watson might play a nice and simple character in the Harry Potter series; however, she is working hard to get rid of that image. With images of her wearing next to nothing and flaunting what looks like gratuitous ink on her lower back, she is making strides to become one of the UK’s most dramatic actresses.

2. Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart is regarded in the UK as one of the most rude and unappealing actresses of all time. Despite her rocky relationship with long time boyfriend and occasional fiancé, Robert Pattinson, she is just in general regarded as being particularly dramatic.

3. Lindsay Lohan


In the UK, Lindsay Lohan is regarded as being extremely dramatic. She is an international superstar that has the farthest thing from a grip on reality. Many fans love her work; however, cannot stand all of the negative press that she puts out for the world to see.

4. Kate Winslet


Kate Winslet is known as being a sweetheart; however, the quiet girls always seem to surprise you. She has been documented as being extremely picky and brutal in relationships with men, and her divorce is just proof that she might be too much to handle. She has been reported to be difficult to work with on set because of her tendencies to be overwhelming.

5. Helen Mirren


Helen Mirren was photographed in a bikini picture that she says will “haunt her for the rest of her life.” Her over reaction to the photos that surfaced of her in a bikini will definitely earn her a spot as one of the most dramatic actresses in the UK.

6. Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham is one of the most notorious celebrities from the UK who is known for either being rude, or having no personality at all. She rarely smiles and is often times perceived as being just down right miserable.

7. Naomi Campbell


Model and actress Naomi Campbell is an international star and she is well known for having quite a temper. She has even gone to the point of yelling, and throwing items at staff members on and off set.

8. Catherine Zeta Jones


Catherine Zeta Jones has such dramatic behavior that she is even classified as having bipolar disorder. As sweet as she appears on screen, things are not always as they seem.

9. Keira Knightley


Keira Knightley has been referred to frequently as being one of the UK’s most arrogant actresses ever. She is said to treat others as if they are greatly beneath her.

10. Kate Moss


Kate Moss has acted in a number of films and productions and she is said to be extremely high maintenance and difficult to deal with most of the time.

11. Kate Beckinsale


Kate Beckinsale has been called dramatic for her desire to expand her image with photographs of her in leather attire.

12. Helena Bonham Carter


Helena Bonham Carter is the wife of Tim Burton and she is said to have to wear several outfits through out filming so that she can feel comfortable. She is known to be very dramatic and challenging for staff to work with. Maybe that is why she almost exclusively works with Tim Burton.

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