13 facts about Andy Murray you must discover

December 19, 2013


1.Andy Murray often considers how lucky he is, for as an 8 year old he attended Dunblane Primary School, and was there on the day in 1996, when Thomas Hamilton (43) went to the school and shot 16 children and a teacher dead. Murray survived by hiding in the headmaster’s office.

2.Murray attended a youth club in Dunblane run by Thomas Hamilton, and Murray’s mother Judy often gave Hamilton lifts in her car.

3.At 15, Murray was asked to train with Rangers Football Club, but opted to focus on his tennis career. Murray’s maternal grandfather Robert (Roy) Erskine, played football for Stirling Albion in the 1950’s.

4.Murray moved to Spain at age 15 because the better weather conditions, allowed him to train out of doors for most of the year.


5.Murray was born with a bipartite patella, where the kneecap remains as two separate bones instead of fusing together in early childhood.

6.Murray’s girlfriend Kim Sears, is the daughter of Nigel Sears, the English tennis coach. Kim was born in Brighton and if Scotland were to become independent, it would interesting to know whether a subsequent child would play for Scotland or England.

7.In 2013 Murray became the sixth tennis player to earn $30,000,000 in prize money. This is apart from signing a sponsorship deal in 2009 with Adidas worth £30 million.

8. Murray’s national identity has been the subject of controversy. Many English supporters have refused to support the Scott after, when asked who he would be supporting at the 2006 World Cup, for which Scotland did not qualify, he replied ‘anyone but England’.


9.Murray caused controversy in 2006 when he commented that he and Kenneth Carlson had played the first set of a match like women. Many saw this as a denigration of the women’s game. Murray later explained that he had heard Svetlana Kuznetsova make the same remark.

10.Also in 2006 Murray was fined £1,434 for swearing at an umpire during a Davis Cup match. Murray also refused to shake hands with the umpire at the end of the match.

11.In 2007 Murray, remarked that match fixing was rife in tennis.  This was in the wake of an investigation into the injury retirement during a match, of Nikolay Davydenko. Irregular betting patterns triggered an ATP inquiry. About £3.4m, 10 times the typical amount had been bet on Davydenko losing, even after he won the first set.

Betfair refused to pay out on the match. Davydenko was eventually cleared of wrong doing and Murray said he had been misquoted.


12.Murray is the patron of several charities including the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. He started supporting the charity after fellow British player Ross Hutchins was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2013. Murray is also a founding member of the Malaria No More UK Leadership Council.

13.Murray’s 2012 US Open win against Novak Djokovic, at 4-hour, 54-minute is tied for longest final in US Open history, equaling the time it took Mats Wilander to defeat Ivan Lendl (Murray’s current coach) in 1988.

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