14 Reasons You’d Love To Be Sienna Miller

March 13, 2014

Sienna Miller is a star who truly has it all. This British beauty has won the hearts of adoring fans all over the world. Sienna took a brief hiatus from the spotlight when she recently became a new mom, but she is back and better than ever. Here are 14 reasons why you’d love to be Sienna Miller:

1. She loves charity work.

Sienna Miller charity

Sienna shows her inner beauty by lending herself to her favorite causes. She publically supports several charities including UNICEF, Cruelty Free International and Cancer Research UK. By lending her name and celebrity status to various events, she has helped to raise awareness and funds for so many great causes.

After the major earth quake in January 2010, Sienna flew to Haiti as an ambassador for the International Medical Corps. She shared her experience through her blog and gave a first-hand account of the damage and desperation that this country was enduring as they tried to pick up the pieces.

2. She is a great mom.


In 2012, Sienna gave birth to her daughter Marlowe Ottoline Layng. She and fiancé Tom Sturridge were thrilled with the new addition, and Sienna has expressed that they are hoping that Marlowe is the first of many. The adorable family has been spotted sightseeing on a vacation in Rome.

Sienna loves being a mom and took a few months off to commit to spending as much time as possible with her new daughter. Although she is still a toddler, it looks like little Marlow is going to acquire her mom’s great sense of style.

3. Her acting career just keeps getting better.


Sienna made her acting debut in 2001 when she starred in the romantic comedy South Kensington. Since then, she had stared in over 20 firms and 5 television shows. Best of all, she is finally being recognized for her talent. In 2012, she was nominated for a Best Actress Golden Globe for her role in The Girl.

She has also received two BAFTA nominations. She is currently filming Mississippi Grind, an American comedy/drama where she will appear alongside Ryan Reynolds and Annaleigh Tipton. Sienna is just as captivating on screen as she is off.

4. Her look is in demand.


Sienna first gained recognition as a commercial model. She has graced the pages of Italian Vogue and participated in several ad campaigns including Coca-Cola, Pepe Jeans and Hugo Boss. She has a versatile look that works well in high fashion as well as trendy boho magazine spreads.

Her look is often compared to Kate Moss and her pictures look great on and off the set. Her natural girl-next-door style, combined with her effortless beauty makes her the perfect candidate for so many commercial projects, and it is no wonder that marketing execs have their eye on Sienna as their next model.

5. Sienna made her mark on fashion design.


Her fashion line, Twenty8Twelve, got its name from Sienna’s date of birth. With such great style, it’s no wonder that she had to try her hand at designing her own clothing. Although Sienna and her sister Savannah parted ways with the label in 2012, the brand has carried on.

Twenty8Twelve now has four boutique stores and is sold in over 300 retailers world-wide. Each season features a new collection of artistically-inspired pieces. Sienna has since stepped away from fashion design, but she continues to be an inspiration to fashion enthusiasts all over the world.

6. She experienced scandal in the spotlight and came out on top.


Going through a highly publicized break-up is tough on any celebrity. Tabloids couldn’t get enough of the story when her former partner, Jude Law, was caught having an affair with his children’s nanny. Jude Law has also suggested the Sienna was seeing co-star Daniel Craig at the same time, although those details were kept under wraps during the scandal.

Regardless of who did what, Sienna has moved past the situation, continued to excel in her career, and most importantly, found love again. She didn’t let the controversy define her, and showed the world that she is so much more.

7. She has a wedding to look forward to.


Fiance Tom Sturridge planned a romantic proposal while the adorable couple was vacationing in Paris. He filled their hotel suite at the Ritz with flowers and popped the question with a stunning vintage ring. Sienna was surprised and the couple announced their engagement soon after.

No wedding date has been announced as of yet, but it is likely that this couple are planning an intimate wedding celebration for their closest friends and family. This down to earth pair appreciates the simple things in life, and only time will tell how they decide to tie the knot.

8. She has great style.


Even though she’s a busy mom, Sienna Miller still finds the time to put together her signature casual yet trendy outfits. She is known for her boho street style but never fails to impress on the red carpet. She loves to accessorize with bold vintage pieces and her style has remained fairly consistent throughout her career.

Her look is easily attainable, and her fashion choices make her look approachable and down to earth. She has spent years on the best dressed list and as she enjoys her early 30’s she continues to maintain her iconic style.

9. She surrounds herself with A-list friends.


Despite all the controversy in the past, Sienna Miller claims that her and Jude Law are still good friends, but he’s isn’t her only A-list acquaintance. She is friends with Robert Pattison (her fiancé’s best friend), Ryan Reynolds, Cara Delevingne and Harry Styles. She has also been spotted at events with P Diddy, Gisele Bundchen, Kanye West and Tom Brady.

Although she has been known to mingle with Hollywood’s hottest celebrities, Sienna and her fiance have not been spotted out partying very often since they became parents. They have embraced this new stage in their life and left the late nights behind.

10. Her hair has become an iconic part of her style.


Her blonde locks always look so casual and carefree. She alternates between a few different shades of blonde, but for the most part, she has kept her length just passed her shoulders for a few years. This works well when she is on the red carpet, or when she is dressed casually for a busy day of shopping.

Sienna has most recently been spotted as a red-head for the filming of her latest movie. We will have to wait and see if she switches back to her natural color once the film has been completed.

11. Sienna maintains her image.


As a model, she has been featured in many ad campaigns, but Sienna knows how to choose the right companies to represent without selling herself short. She was featured in a sexy Ford Mustang commercial early this year, and looked amazing in a print campaign for Hugo Boss.

She had the chance to star in the Burberry fall campaign last year with her fiance. The couple showed their perfect connection on camera, and proved to be the perfect choice for these sultry ads. Outside of her professional life, Sienna keeps it classy and avoids slipping up in front of the paparazzi.

12. She is just getting started.


Considering Sienna Miller has only been in the spot light for a little over 10 years, she has made a fantastic name for herself and will keep scoring leading roles. Her natural beauty, captivating acting skills and versatility have made her an international star and her career is far from over.

Stay tuned for more big-screen movie roles, and likely more babies on the way to keep Sienna on her toes. After getting through a few tough years in her 20’s, the next decade will be full of success for this shining star. Sienna has so much to look forward to.

13. Sienna stands up for what she believes in.

S Miller

There is no doubt that celebrities can make a difference when they lend their voice to a cause. Sienna has recently backed an effort to stop oil drilling off the coast of Ibiza. Joined by fellow celebrities Kate Moss and Pete Tong, Sienna Miller is working to prevent a British company from settling up their operations in this region.

This is a very risky process, and people are becoming more aware of the damage that can be done. An oil spill would destroy this beautiful area that relies on tourism. The Spanish government is being urged to rethink this project that has the potential to pollute this coastal region.

14. She has it all.


A great career, an adorable baby and a loving fiance – what more could a girl ask for? She admits that she has made mistakes along the way, but Sienna Miller can be truly grateful for everything she has accomplished. She has learned so much and allowed herself to grow as a professional.

She is talented in so many areas and she knows how to use her status to make the world a better place. This hardworking starlet has carved out an impressive career and will continue to win hearts on the red carpet for years to come.


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