15 Reasons Christian Bale Should Win The Oscar For Best Lead Actor

March 18, 2014

Christian Bale has been nominated for Best Lead Actor for his role in American Hustle by the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, BAFTA and several other world renowned film institutes. Critics loved his performance, and his character held this film together right until the end. These nominations are well deserved. Here are 15 reasons why Christian Bale should win an Oscar for his role in American Hustle:

1. He gained 40 lbs for the role.


It’s hard to believe that Christian Bale weighed only 121 lbs 10 years ago for his role as Trevor Reznik in The Machinist. He was required to pack on 40 pounds over his regular weight to fit into his role as Irving Rosenfeld, and it is obvious that he rose to the occasion.

Since the film released, he has mentioned that other actors have come to him for advice on gaining and losing weight before they take on a new role.

2. His epic comb-over nearly stole the show.


The opening scene shows Bale painstakingly arranging his comb-over and hair spraying it into place. He goes as far as gluing a fake patch of hair to his head underneath. The fake hair-do seems appropriate for his character, as he spends the majority of the film trying to con the people around him.

Never before has a bad-comb over received so much attention in a blockbuster film. Bale normally has a full head of hair, so he had to shave his head to accommodate the new do. He said he 8 year old daughter constantly reminded him of how funny he looked.

3. His character wins the heart of Sydney, played by Amy Adams.


Sydney proves to be a great match for Irving with her conniving ways and hunger for the finer things in life. The two characters bring out the best and worst in each other as they struggle to define their loyalty. Throughout the film, their bond is tested and they question each other’s sincerity as much as the audience who is taking in the story as it unfolds.

Sydney proves to be just as much of a con artist who fakes a British accent to win over the trust of potential clients.

4. It takes a strong character to stand up to an award winning powerhouse like Jennifer Laurence.


Laurence, who dazzled in her role as Roselyn Rosenfeld, is still a fairly new face in Hollywood. Regardless, she has a huge captive audience and dominates nearly every role she plays. Bale proved to be a strong match and their chemistry was convincing.

Roselyn manipulates Irving as much as he manipulates her, but their bond is undeniable and they were a great match in this film. Bale originally thought that Laurence was too young for the role, but admits that she surprised him with her performance.

5. Christian Bale has proven his versatility as an actor.


From the Dark Knight to American Psycho, The Fighter to Batman Begins, Bale has proven himself as a dynamic and versatile actor. He has starred alongside other talented individuals including Nicolas Cage, John Malkovich, Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johanson.

Although the person who takes home the Oscar is being recognized for a single performance, Bale has demonstrated that he can captivate in any role. His track record makes him even more deserving for the Best Actor title.

6. This performance wasn’t a fluke.


Sometimes actors find themselves in great roles because of an action packed storyline, or an award winning plot. This movie was neither. The film was carried by dialogue, scandal and raw emotion. It takes a great actor to keep the audience engaged without all of the special effects that make other films engaging. Simply, this movie was nominated for the performance of its cast and nothing else.

7. The audience could feel his conflicting emotions.


Bale’s character was ultimately driven by greed, but the intertwined love story is what made the characters seem real. Irving and Sydney fall in love based on their desire for more, but their questionable activities eventually tare them apart. Bale’s character is constantly struggling between the two very dominant women in his life.

All four leading actors did an excellent job at taking the audience through the twists and turns of the film, and kept us guessing at how it would all play out at the end. The chemistry and conflict was convincing on screen.

8. Critics agree that this film is nomination-worthy.


The storyline and characters were highly engaging, and most critics had this film pegged as Oscar material as soon as it came out. It is so original in its execution and there were few films in recent years that could be compared to American Hustle. This movie brought out the best in its cast, and Bale was no exception. This was the movie that got people talking.

9. He has established a long-term career.


Many actors and actresses find themselves on a career trajectory that leads up to one great film after which they struggle to define themselves. Although this kind of career can be classified as a success in an incredibly difficult line of work, Christian Bale is one of those actors who will maintain his A-list status regardless of his age.

He never fails to impress in a variety of roles and will continue to make outstanding films in the future.

10. American Hustle has dominated the Oscar nomination list.


Leading the pack with 10 nominations, American Hustle and Sandra Bullock’s film, Gravity, were the motion pictures to watch at this year’s Oscar Awards. It was interesting to see how many awards they actually took home. A very deserving Amy Adams has also been nominated for Best Actress for her role in American Hustle.

When movies get this much attention from the Academy it usually means that they will walk away with at least a handful of awards.

11. Bale balances out a serious role with a dose of comedy.


This crime drama is full of serious scenes and dialogue, but Bale’s character breaks up the movie with his unconventional wit. In fact, Irving takes himself so seriously, it’s hard not to laugh at him.

His fake hair and velvet suits fit the part, and his constant anxiety allows the viewer to get lost in the plot and wonder what kind of bad situation this dysfunctional cast is about to wrap themselves up in next. There is trouble around every corner, and as they climb the political ladder, they have more to lose with every deal they make.

12. Christian Bale is a natural fit for this groovy wardrobe.


American Hustle takes place in the seventies, and the wardrobe designers pulled out all the stops to bring this film to life. Many of the scenes take place in smoky hotel rooms, and the cast members fit the bill perfectly. Bale does everything right when it comes to fitting into the time period.

The suits, the glasses and the jewelry coordinate perfectly and make his character all the more believable. Michael Wilkenson is credited as the costume designer for American Hustle. His repertoire includes other blockbuster hits including 300, the Watchmen and Man of Steel.

13. His character has the audience clinging to the scandal.


Bale’s character is the mastermind behind a series of art scams, bad loans and an over-the-top political controversy. He is a smooth talker that needs to gain the confidence of people that he has no intention of helping. Although he is challenged in every scene, he presses on regardless of who he has to take down with him.

He has no idea that his wife Roselyn is just as much of a liability to his career as the people that he is deceiving. Irving weaves a tangled web throughout the film and grasps at any opportunity that will put him ahead.

14. Despite his disheveled exterior, he finds a way to be charming.


Although Bale has executed roles in the past where he was handsome and charismatic, American Hustle required him to take on a whole new look. Towards the beginning of the movie he appears at an indoor pool party. His shirt is open exposing his less than suave physique, yet he carries himself with the confidence of a real player.

He talks the talk, says all the right things, and wins over Sydney Prosser’s heart effortlessly.

15. Christian Bale was the perfect choice for this role.


This role needed an actor like Christian Bale. He carries out the script convincingly and compliments his co-stars perfectly. There are no weak links in this film. Jennifer Laurence, Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper are the perfect blend of talent.

Each bring their own strengths to the movie and this star studded cast guaranteed that American Hustle would be one of the most talked about films of 2013.

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