35 Years Later – Kate Bush Announced Live Gigs For This Summer!

April 7, 2014


Kate Bush, the English singer-songwriter and record producer, is back on tour this summer and the 77,000 tickets that were released for her live shows sold out in a matter of minutes. This amount of time is shockingly quick for any performer out there at any level, but what is most surprising is that Kate Bush has only toured once in her entire career, when she was first getting started, 35 years ago, in 1979.

That was shortly after her song Wuthering Heights topped the UK singles charts for four weeks in 1978, making her the first woman ever to have a hit song in the UK that she had written herself. After a tour that lasted only two months in April and May of 1979, Bush quit touring – until now.

Why Bush quit touring

There had been a lot of speculation as to why Bush didn’t tour any more, despite continuing to churn out hit singles and records and generally be regarded as one of the most talented artists in pop music, if not the music business in general.

Many people chalked it up to her not being able to be in total control of the final product, as so many things can go wrong when playing live and songs never actually sound as good when they are performed outside the studio.

Another aspect of why she never toured ever again was that her lighting director Brian Duffield was killed in an onstage accident at the beginning of her tour in April 1979. This may have cast a real haze over the rest of the tour, one which made her never want to risk the lives of others who she cared out to promote her own music.

There was also the openly admitted fear of flying, that really hinders the ability to successfully do a full tour for a reasonable amount of overhead, especially in Europe. Of course, Bush never admitted any of this and had only said that she never toured after her first, which she claims to have enjoyed, because she was too consumed producing her own subsequent records.

Reasons bush is coming back


However, lately she has opened up about another reason for her abrupt end to touring and performing her own music live in front of her fans.

According to an interview she gave to the Daily Telegraph, Bush said she quit touring, “because I felt that my sexuality was being given to the world in a way which I found impersonal.”

So what made her change her mind at the age of 55, to convince her to start touring again?

Perhaps she wanted a change of pace and felt that performing live was the way to do so.

Or maybe the word reached her that studio records no longer made money and that the only way to continue making a healthy living in the music industry was touring and performing live. Either way, she seemed to have no problem selling tickets to her shows, which have been searched for more in the UK than the previously most popular artists like Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

There is no doubt more dates will be announced on this tour, to satisfy all of those who couldn’t score tickets to the first round of dates, making Kate Bush one of the hottest tickets in the world this year, seemingly out of nowhere. Maybe this was actually her strategy all along.

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