5 Coolest Characters in a Movie in the Last 15 Years

January 6, 2014

We take a look back over the past 15 years to recap some of the collest movie characters over that time frame.

1. Grace


In the movie Saving Grace, Brenda Blethyn plays the nicest lady you would ever want to meet even though it just so happens the cultivates and sells the best pot in the UK.

Though every part in the movie is played incredibly well by the star-studded cast that includes the likes of Craig Ferguson and Martin Clunes, the movie is filled with nothing but a bunch of misfits and mess-ups if it weren’t for Grace.

Grace’s funniest line in the entire movie may also be her most endearing because it shows just how innocent and honest she is and it is only two words.

In a bad situation with a very bad man (whom she eventually falls in love with an marries) she is asked in a very serious tone, ”Do I look like I would cut someone’s finger off?” As forthright as only Grace can be, she responds nodding, ”Oh yes.” And to break the ice, the devilsome man’s response is, ”thank you,” with a smile.

2. JD


In Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Sting plays ”JD,” the father of the lead role’s Eddy. Though his role isn’t extremely large, it is extremely memorable as Sting turns out to be the coolest cat in a cast of extremely cool actors. Stings best line as JD is probably when big Chris is trying to explain that Harry Hatchet wants his bar and JD stares at him and says, ”and?”

3. Mickey O’Neil


Even those that don’t think Brad Pitt can act a lick will begrudgingly admit that Mickey O’Neil of Snatch is one of the best characters ever. A bare-knuckle brawling gypsie that plays the rube but turns out to be the smartest character in the movie, Mickey forces an audience to watch the movie three or four times just to understand what he’s saying.

Best two lines: ”You’re not going anywhere, you thick lump. You stay ’til the job’s done.” He then proceeds to knock Gorgeous George cold with one punch.

4. One Two


The typically tough as nails Gerard Butler plays a goofy, good-time-lovin’ con that just can’t seem to say ”no” to the stunning Stella and every job she gives him either gets him chased or beat-up. Still, he’s so enamored by her that he just can’t help himself.

His best line is the best because of what he’s doing when he delivers it, dancing. In the history of bad dance moves, One Two looks like he has two clubbed left feet with no toes when he says, ”do I dance? …plainly, dancing percolates through the ol’ DNA.”

5. Charles Bronson


Tom Hardy is easily the baddest man in the movie industry, as easily as Charles Bronson is the baddest man to ever go through the UK prison system. In Bronson Hardy delivers one of the most memorable lines in UK movie history for anyone that is a fan of bad man char actors, ”Now hang on to your fillings. Alright? ‘Cause it’s about to get f*****g Leary.

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