7 Toughest Actors from the UK

January 3, 2014

These are real tough guys, not just tough guy actors. Check which celebrities made the list.

1. Daniel Day-Lewis


As a posh Jew growing up in the notoriously tough south side of London meant Day-Lewis grew up fighting to defend himself. He may have portrayed the toughest, gutsiest, most deeply hateful character ever to appear on the big screen as Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood. The Boxer is another movie that makes a convincing case that Day-Lewis would go toe-to-toe with just about anyone.

2. Christian Bale


If being a little crazy is a requisite of being tough, Bale fits the bill. His mother was a circus performer and his father was a South African immigrant. The man has literally starved himself for several roles. When he isn’t losing 80 pounds for a role, his workout regimen is legend among Hollywood actors.

His best performance may have been the role he played in American Psycho. Still, it may be his notoriously short fuse which has generated several YouTube sensations that most convinces audiences that the Brit is a bad man.

3. Jason Statham


Whether he is as hard as a coffin nail or soft as a withering flower may be irrelevant. Though it’s hard to imagine the martial arts expert is a pansy, the man’s physique is so intimidating that it’s probably unlikely anyone presses the issue with the man. He’s convincingly tough in… well, just about any movie he is in.

4. Vinnie Jones


It says a little something about an actors perception around the movie industry when he is always typecast as a tough guy. It also says something if prior to his acting career he was a professional football player that was kicked out of 12 games for rough play and was eventually banned for life from the Football Association for accruing 40 disciplinary points in less than an entire season.

After his ban and before his acting career took off, he carried hoods of bricks for a living. How tough does a guy have to be to play the role of a character named ”Bullet-Tooth Tony?” While he may not be Lenny McLean tough, he’s probably the closest thing there is to it.

5. Tom Hardy


While maybe the most promising young actor to come out of the UK in a decade, he is simply an amazing actor – Hardy is a pit bull of a man. Aside from his short stature, Hardy is a genetic freak. While it is fair to say that Mark Wahlberg has been the most physically impressive short guy in Hollywood for the last decade, it is equally fair to say he simply doesn’t have the same presence as Hardy.

Hardy is demand-a-wide-berth intimidating with a rock hard disposition and a cold exterior.

6. Colm Meaney


From his roles in Con Air and Far and Away to his recent role as ”Durant” in the television series Hell On Wheels, Meaney always plays the smart tough guy, the guy you may whip once or twice, but the guy that is going to get you eventually. With his wry smile and piercing eyes, Colm Meaney demands attention.

7. Tommy Flanagan


If Flanagan isn’t playing a Scottish rebel, a roman soldier, or a motorcycle gang member, he is playing the pugilistic father of notorious Irish thugs. The man’s face is scarred from his chin to his ear as a result of a knifing he survived outside a night club. Of all the men on this list, he may be one of the two or three most proven tough.

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