Coleen Rooney Shares The Secret Of Her Impressive Post Baby Body

April 19, 2014


Coleen Rooney, fashion designer, television personality, and wife of football star Wayne Rooney of Manchester United, recently revealed her secrets of her post-baby body. Just months after having her son, she already had lost much of the weight she gained during pregnancy, posing with a curvy and healthy body as she showed her new 2014 bikini collection.

While being interviewed, Coleen Rooney explained how she has changed her lifestyle to become healthier and get the post-baby body she currently has, as well as revealing insecurities she still feels with this new body.

How she did it

When talking about her new post-pregnancy body, Coleen Rooney admits she worked very hard for it.

She sticks to a strict exercise regimen by going to the gym three days a week for interval training and weight training, as well as doing reformer Pilates, which she says is a very tough workout.

She also mentioned that before going on holiday or special events where she needs to wear a bathing suit, she cuts out bad foods like chocolate and salty snacks.

She also said she has been trying to replace some of these bad snacks with healthier food options.

Rooney’s continued body insecurities

While Coleen Rooney is certainly working hard and is already showing great results, she has the same body insecurities as other women. She still feels confident when enjoying time on the beach, but when shooting her new bikini collection, she struggled with wanting to show her body in the pictures.


During an interview with Mirror magazine, she said she is unhappy with her new love handles most of all.

This was something that happened during and after pregnancy, even though she is working hard to improve her body.

She also cheekily talked about past photo shoots and pictures of fashions she couldn’t believe she wore, such as bright yellow boots.

Additionally, Rooney said her fashion style is changing now that she has kids, going for comfort over high-end style much of the time.

Coleen Rooney is currently 27 and has already achieved many successes, including multiple fashion lines aside from her new swimsuit collection. She may still be well known for being married to Wayne Rooney, but she is quickly and surely gaining her own stardom which she deserves.

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