David Beckham Reveals: Life after Retirement

January 23, 2014

Find out what life after retirement will be like for one of sports most popular athletes.

1. Not letting go of the ball anytime soon

David Beckham signs copies of his new book

Beckham has been playing for various top class Football Clubs along with captaining the England national team. He has shown his interest in buying a major US League team and he plans on playing football and teaching others for years to come.

2. Disappointment regarding Knighthood

An Evening Celebrating The Global Fund

David Beckham had been hoping to be awarded a knight of the realm for his service to the country. However, he has not been included in the New Years’ Honours. No one is more disappointed than his wife, Victoria Beckham, who was looking forward to the new title of Lady Victoria.

3. Talking about Fatherhood

David Beckham takes Harper to the LA Dodgers game

After retiring, Beckham has been spending more time with his children. He recently spoke publicly about his achievements as a father. He takes pride in teaching his children right from wrong. In a football game he was refereeing, he ruled against his son, Romeo. This was difficult, he says, but the rules are the rules and his children need to learn that.

4. No Plans for kids Joining Clubs Anytime Soon

The World Premiere of 'The Class of 92' at Odeon West End

After experiencing a stressful and difficult life playing for Clubs, Beckham has reportedly stated that he will not be having his sons follow in the same footsteps. Beckham believes his sons are too young to be involved in such severe competition and wants them to enjoy their life and football like regular kids.

5. Emotional Goodbye

World Premiere of 'The Class of 92'

It was a tough reality to tackle when Beckham played his last game. He was unable to keep a hold on his emotions, which came as quite a surprise to him and his fans.

6. Quit Football for family

The World Premiere of 'The Class of 92' at Odeon West End

What makes Beckham, now 38, feel better about his decision about football is that he did it for his family. He wanted to spend more time with his four children and wife Victoria.

7. PGS Qatari Owned Club

World Premiere of The Class of 92

PGS hired him for few months before his retirement. They are still interested in maintaining the relationship in some form. Club president Naseer El-Khalaifi said that they are in discussions about the continuous relationship.

8. Left as a Champion

Breitling London store launch

The famous footballer left football in May of this year and said that he is proud to be leaving the arena as a champion. His club Paris St. Germaine won the French league title.

9. After-retirement Deals

David Beckham at H&M

Even though he has retired from professional football, David Beckham has no shortages of new job offers. Dozens of companies want him to work for them and are looking to strike deals with the football heartthrob. Adidas, H&M, Breitling Watch Company and COTY fragrance are just a few of the options he has.

10. One of the Best-Dressed Men

'GQ Maenner des Jahres' (Men of the year) award

David Beckham has been included in the list of Britain’s best-dressed men at spot number 13 by GQ. Apparently, he dresses better than royalty does!He is 13 places above Prince Philip who is at the 26th place.

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