Details Of Kimye’s Ireland Honeymoon Extravagance

May 29, 2014


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, the world’s most famous newlywed couple managed to recently conjure up a bill of 45,000 euros (little over 60,000 US dollars) for their stay in Ireland, as their European episode continues. And mind you, the price refers to the cost of their accommodation alone.

The wedding took place in Florence, Italy, on Saturday. They celebrated in Paris as well, with family and friends. Then the couple set for Ireland where they have so far enjoyed themselves for a couple of days. They arrived in Cork, but their first stay was in Limerick, at the illustrious Castle Oliver (one of Ireland’s largest private homes), which apparently charges 25,000 euros per week.

West (36) and Kardashian (33) have apparently decided that nothing is too expensive as far as their honeymooning in Ireland is concerned.

For the purpose of their stay in Ireland’s county of Laois, an extravagantly furnished Ballyfin House was selected, and the approximate charge is a whopping 20,000 euros for only two nights.

Kanye West’s love of Ireland is an ongoing thing. He said that he stayed in the Ballyfin 600 acre country house in 2012 as well. He also celebrated his 35th birthday in Dublin, when Bono himself provided the cake.

Interestingly, there are quite a few ties to Ireland in Kim’s family. Her mother, Kris, also had a honeymoon there, back in 1991. Her husband’s mother was of Irish descent. And according to reports, Kim’s ancestor also had a name that suggest an Irish background – Ruth Grace Finney.

Although initially the arrival of Kimye to the “Emerald Isle” was for the most part discreet, details have began to pop up. Among other things, they enjoyed biking along the countryside, with a tour guide, who later claimed the pair left a tip for more than €1000.

“They had four staff with them. They hired bikes for 35 euros and a guide for 75 euros. They only booked the day before. They went biking and hiking as the area is well known for it,” said Fergal Somers, the manager at Ballyhoura Fáilte.

For the weekend the couple will still be in Europe, as they are expected in Prague for the wedding of West’s stylist Renelou Padora.

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