George Michael Taken To Hospital After Collapsing In His Home

May 29, 2014

george michael

Famous Musician George Michael has got his fans worried yet again. The former Wham! star has been taken to hospital after he allegedly collapsed in his home in London. The exact cause for his collapse is unknown.

Somewhere around 8 AM a concerned friend of Michael’s made the call to the hospital, which sent two ambulances to his home in Highgate, North London. After the paramedics arrived, they spent four hours in George Michael’s home, before deciding around noon to drive him to hospital, presumably for further examination and treatment.

This is yet another serious medical incident for the 50-year old star, after a long struggle with substance abuse and periods of depression. One of the most unpleasant episodes was the life-threatening pneumonia condition in late 2011. Doctors had to perform a tracheotomy, and Michael himself later admitted that it was a “touch and go” affair.

There were times musician’s substance abuse could have also been costly. In 2010 he was issued a driving ban for five years, after he had crashed his vehicle into a shop under the influence of drugs. Before that, he was issued another ban for two years, for the same reasons.

Predictably enough, the star’s agent did not want to give away any more information and refused to discuss the possible involvements of drugs. “George Michael was in hospital for routine tests,” said the official statement release. It is still not clear whether George Michael is out of the hospital or not.

A spokesman for the Ambulance Service was not any more inclined to comment. “We were called just before 8 AM. We sent two ambulance crews and staff treated a man, who was taken to hospital,” said the man for The Mirror.

Hundreds of fans expressed their support for George Michael on Twitter, but many of them also expressed confusion and uncertainty, as official records on his condition have been very scarce. One user wrote: “I seriously hope George Michael is alright. Can’t lose another legend.”

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