Interesting Facts You Should Know About Kate Moss – Fashion Icon and Woman of the Year

January 22, 2014

Kate Moss attends a photocall for the 'A celebration of Kate Moss' auction at Christie's

Kate Moss is a fashion icon. Today, We unveil 12 very interesting facts about her that you might not have known before.

1. Special Recognition award

The 39-year-old super model Kate Moss received a special award during the British Fashion Awards for the year 2013, celebrating her position in the modeling industry for almost 25 years. Kate Moss is one of the highest paid models even today and is a mother of one and has been ruling the modeling arena for the last two to three decades.

Her attraction and aura is like wine, increasing in value and beauty as she ages. Even at this mature age, she is competing with young models upfront. With this accomplishment, she has been made an icon of the fashion industry.

2. Best Dressed 2013

Kate Moss’ wardrobe was able to grasp the number 6 slot in The Best Dressed List of 2013. Kate Moss’ wardrobe exudes elegance yet is simple and practical. Her unique style has captured the attention of fashion gurus everywhere, leading to her title as one of the top ten Best Dressed.

3. Vogue 2013

Vogue has advertised the face and the stories of Moss for many years. In June 2013, she appeared on the cover page. This was her thirty-third appearance on the cover page of Vogue. Vogue, a reputable fashion magazine, has proclaimed her one of their top models.

4. The Exhibition

On the fortieth birthday of Kate Moss, an exhibition has been planned. Journalist-turned-artist, Russell Marshal has selected ten images of the super model, which will be displayed at the exhibition under the title of Kate Moss: 40, A Retrospective. The portraits will be in ten different colors.

5. Playboy 60th Edition

The famous magazine has an image of Kate Moss on one of their latest covers. On this page, she appears wearing the trademark bunny ears and tail. The edition also has semi-nude pictures of the model shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

6. Stuart Weitzman Spring 2014 Campaign

Celebrities leave party in Loulou's Private Club

Mario Testino has shot Kate Moss for the new campaign of the Stuart Weitzman Campaign. In the shots, Kate is wearing a swim suit and white cover up for the shots.

7. New Face of Eleven Paris

She has modeled for the Spring-Summer collection 2014 for the French brand. She has been selected for the brand new sale campaign at the age of forty. Such an accomplishment is quite rare amongst models.

8. Jamie Hince

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince in Hampstead

Kate Moss’ husband, Jamie Hince is said to start making music troubled actress and now singer, Lindsay Lohan.

9. Bexley Silk Exhibition

At the 150 years celebrations of the David Evans Silk factory in Bexley, the factory is reintroducing designs of Kate Moss and Sir Elton John. The David Evans silk printers in Crayford shut down in 2001, but the designs are still being worn today.

10. Spends Time with Ex-husband Jefferson Hack

The couple broke up ten years ago in 2004. They have a daughter together named Lila, because of whom they are still seen together occasionally. Moss’ new husband, Hince, is usually not seen with them. Moss believes in keeping family ties strong and is doing as much as she can to give her daughter time with her father.

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