Is Lauren Goodger’s Boyfriend Made Up!?

April 18, 2014


For awhile there Lauren Goodger was the talk of the town. Her turn on the reality show, “The Only Way Is Essex” from 2010 to 2012 made her famous. Now the reality star and model is stirring up a little bit of her own controversy with her seemingly “invisible” boyfriend!

For someone with such an online presence, this heavily alluded to, but never revealed boy-toy has become the talk of the town. What is Goodger hiding? Is the man even real?! Let’s take a look at the fascinating rumor that is sweeping the internet.

Why is there such a mystery?

The former “TOWIE” star loves to share photos of herself through her personal Instagram account so it was shocking, to say the least, that a photo of her alleged boyfriend never showed up.

The closest thing fans ever got was a picture of a man’s hands across the table, at some sort of fancy dinner with Goodger.

So close, yet so far, right? With her continued decision to not reveal his name, or face, the rumors began to quickly circulate that he was not real.

Lauren quickly took to an interview to proclaim that the man exists and that she’s “enjoying seeing him out of the limelight.” A respectable decision, no doubt, but not one that jives with the drama seeking reality star.

What about the mysterious skier?

A photo popped up online of Ms. Goodger posing next to a handsome man on the slopes of some ski resorts. Rumors quickly got going that this was it, finally, we have found the mystery man! Alas, the victory was short lived as Lauren quickly spoke out that he was just a personal trainer that she had met on the slopes.

His name is Will and they are absolutely not dating. So back to square one, right?

What’s in it for Lauren?

We can tell that many people are going to quickly tire of this mysterious boyfriend, but until then, it will be great tabloid fodder to keep the limelight focused on Lauren. Reality stars like Goodger need this sort of manufactured drama to stay relevant in between seasons of their television shows.

So, while we can’t say for sure that the mystery man doesn’t exist, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear that this was all a publicity stunt. Until then we shall keep our eyes peeled!

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