Juicy Details Revealed – Sallie Axl And James Lock

April 2, 2014


Sallie Axl has been spilling the beans on exactly what happened between her and James Lock during their recent night on the town. Truth be told, she later found out that he was still seeing his Essex co-star Danielle Armstrong.

How did it all happen?

Axl revealed in an interview with New magazine that she received a phone call from Lock asking to be picked up since he had been drinking. She went to pick him up in her car.

Although she hadn’t been drinking, the two decided to go out, and both got really drunk. After that, she reports that Lock was all over her. The two returned to his room and spent the night together naked in bed. She reports there was no hookup, but is Danielle Armstrong buying it?

Daniel fires back on Twitter

Once Danielle learned about the fling, she quickly dumped Lock on camera and sent some nasty tweets to Axl online. The two continue to battle it out on Twitter while Lock denies any foul play. Likely, the feud will continue and be played out on screen on TOWIE.

Speaking of TOWIE, Axl did have a short fling with TOWIE’s Tom Pearce last April. Tweets have also been fired out by Bobby Cole Norris regarding the alleged affair between Axl and Lock. He tweets that Axl is not the girl responsible for Lock’s infidelity, but there are others. He hints to at least two other indiscretions. Who knows if more will pop up?

Lock makes a public apology

Along with all the massive Twitter rants, Lock decided to take a bold move and publicly apologize to his girlfriend for all the drama. He claims he’s innocent and that Danielle is the true victim of all this juicy gossip. Without a doubt, Lock is still set to prove his innocence.

Are Danielle and Lock still a couple?

Since these infidelity allegations have come to surface, it looks like Danielle has had enough. She hinted that she and Lock have split up. Is it true? It has also been reported that Danielle has laughed the rumors off and is still with Lock.

In one episode of Essex, Danielle and Lock cleared the air with old-time pal Bobby Norris and stated all is well. However, the only way to really tell if the two lovebirds are still a couple is to watch the upcoming episodes. For sure, the drama will continue.

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