Kelly Osbourne’s Style Evolution – Stylish Rise Of The Princess Of Darkness

April 21, 2014


When Kelly Osbourne first wormed her way into our hearts in the early 2000s, she was just a rebellious teen trying to get noticed.

More than 10 years later, Osbourne has repeatedly reinvented herself, and style watchers can’t wait to see what she’ll do next. Read on for a look back at this 21st century style icon’s transition from wild child to fierce fashionista.

Goth girl

When MTV’s “The Osbournes” debuted in 2002, Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly became instant household names, thanks to their their outlandish decor and even more outlandish behavior.

At 17, daughter Kelly already had a distinctive sense of style which could best be described as one part Madonna, 99 parts Crayola box. The punk princess sought out baggy combat trousers, unflattering capris, high-tops and slogan tees all of which suggested she spent more time trying to hide her figure than enhance it.

Kelly may have been “daddy’s little girl,” but she had some serious in-your-face edge to go along with it. In other words, while her wardrobe may have lacked sophistication, Osbourne made up for it in commitment.

kelly osbourne

Glam slam

After a while, all of that edge gets boring. And if there’s one word that doesn’t describe Kelly Osbourne, it’s boring.

Kelly gradually turned her tried-and-true identity on its head when she ditched the ill-fitting clothes for more flattering styles that were more Monroe than Munster.

Kelly 2.0 liked her lycra tight and her hemlines high, showing off a newly trim body and an air of self-confidence. One thing that remained a constant throughout the chameleon-like star’s fashion evolution?

Osbourne’s hair. From jet black to white-hot platinum and every other shade in between, Osbourne is unafraid to experiment with hair hues.

kelly osbourne

Mixing it up

While Kelly’s bombshell look was an improvement on her goth phase, it still didn’t feel quite right.

By 2010 though, she hit her sartorial stride by incorporating the goth and the glam into one craftily casual look.

When Osbourne turned up on the red carpet at the 18th Annual Sir Elton John Oscars Party in a super-feminine pale pink feathered frock, she skipped the safe updo and went with blush pink waves for a fresh and unexpected result.

Meanwhile, a studded leather jacket paired with a sequin-bedecked bag is Kelly’s perfect amalgam of street and sweet.

Today, Kelly Osbourne seamlessly fuses her rock and roll roots with an old school Hollywood style for a look that’s completely her own and always evolving. It’s exactly this kind of fashion savvy that’s catapulted Osbourne to the red carpet A list.

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