Last Goodbye To A Remarkable Lady – Edna Doré Passes Away In Sussex

April 17, 2014


Edna Doré has passed away after a long battle with emphysema, at the age of 92. The London born actress was surrounded by family while in her home in Sussex when she passed. Though Edna has left us, she leaves behind quite the legacy for many young women with big dreams to try and follow.

Let’s take a look at what made Edna so special, so revered, and so beloved.

Edna Doré was an acting icon

Edna was most widely known for her role as Mo Butcher on the soap opera, “EastEnders.” The soap opera has over 4,000 episodes as of today and first started broadcasting in 1985. Edna joined the cast in 1988 and was a hit for her three years on the show.

She played a tough old woman whose slow descent into Alzheimer’s was both horrifying to watch and beautifully acted. Edna won awards for her performances as well as the love and admiration of her country.

She worked for everything in her life

Mrs. Doré was born in 1921 and was raised by her hard working parents. Her father was a railway porter and her mother was a housemaid. Edna wasn’t content with the idleness that came with her station in life and worked until she made her big break as a chorus member of the ENSA ensemble during World War II.

She went on to marry director Alexander Doré, in 1946, and from there really got her start in the business. She went from working in several West End performances straight to the big times with the aforementioned role of Mo Butcher.

Before she passed away she also worked with Gary Oldman in his debut film, “Nil By Mouth,” and had a stint on the show “Shameless.”

Edna passes on in honor

Edna leaves behind her son Michael as well as four loving grandchildren. She will always be remembered as the tough old woman that never took “no” for an answer and as the actor who was committed to her craft.

While she has moved on, the rest of the world will continue to enjoy her past performances in the historic projects that she worked on during her long and storied career.

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