Looking Great after Pregnancy: 10 Inspiring Celebrity Moms

January 23, 2014

We got a list of 10 really inspiring celebrity moms who look amazing after their pregnancy. Victoria Beckham tops the list, and looks as beautiful as ever.

1. Victoria Beckham


Victoria is always seen looking her best, irrespective of the time of day or the occasion. In spite of being a mother of four children, the gorgeous designer manages to whip her body back into shape within months of her delivery. She credits her weight loss to celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, who puts Victoria on an intensive workout regime, 6 days a week.

2. Duchess of Cambridge


Just weeks after the birth of baby George, the Duchess looked no different from her pre-pregnancy size. Though she has not revealed anything about how she lost the weight, it was probably mostly through breast-feeding, considering she barely gained any weight during her pregnancy.

3. Jennifer Ellison


Initially, Jennifer ignored the online backlash she encountered after having her second child, insisting that bonding with her new child was her only priority now. However, a few weeks later she realized that her BMI was the highest it had ever been, and she signed up for the Cambridge Weight Plan, which seems to have started working.

Though the former model has not reached her pre-pregnancy size yet, we hope her efforts get there soon.

4. Myleene Klass


Myleene managed to put on quite a bit of weight while she was pregnant with her second child ‘Hero’. However, she was spotted on the red carpet a mere two months after her baby, and she looked stunning. Over the years she has gained and lost weight many times, claiming that she is an emotional eater. She attributes her weight loss to a strict exercise regime and dieting.

5. Peaches Geldof


Peaches is another celebrity famous for losing and gaining weight sporadically. After the birth of her second child, who had quickly followed her first, she was in a beach-ready body within weeks. Peaches apparently relies on a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, completely cutting out carbs at dinnertime, and reducing her portions to half of what they were previously.

6. Una Foden


Una has a very practical approach to weight loss. After the birth of her baby, she chose to lose the weight gradually, insisting on spending as much time as she could, looking after her child. She does not believe in celebrity crash-diets and, instead, avoids fatty foods, while eating healthier alternatives during her meals.

She is also a big believer in daily exercise as the best way to lose and sustain weight.

7. Danielle O’Hara


The former model is a busy mother of three children, who put-off losing weight until her newest addition was about 6 weeks old. She claims that having three children is exercise enough, and if you combine that with portion control and healthy eating, the baby weight will melt away before you know it.

8. Michelle Heaton


Michelle spent five months working on her figure to get back to her pre-pregnancy dress size. She is now as toned and gorgeous as she was before her baby. Besides the usual healthy eating and exercise, she swears by herbal teas as a weight loss aid because of their fat burning properties.

9. Coleen Rooney


Initially, there were rumors that Coleen was planning to get liposuction. However, she chose to work with a trainer and lose the weight by exercising instead. She trained with Elise Lindsay for five months straight, while keeping an eye on her diet, resulting in a bikini-ready body that made her look like she had never been pregnant.

10. Amanda Holden


Amanda looked more radiant than ever before when she was spotted at the Pride of Britain Awards. Her body was back to its slim and muscular condition, revealing all the hard work she had put into it after her baby. Amanda relied on rigorous exercise to lose the weight and tone herself. The avid foodie did not change her diet.

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