Mini Or Micro – Rihanna Wears Tiny Shorts At Drake’s After Party At Tramp

April 3, 2014

Singer Rihanna recently joined her off-again-on-again boyfriend Drake at the popular London Club for a concert after party. It was the Canadian rapper’s second “Would You Like a Tour” show in the Brit capital. From behind, one would’ve thought this Barbados born celebrity had it all covered. However, a quick turn revealed that this bombshell is not afraid to take a fashion risk.

Fashion risk or fashion statement


In addition to donning mini-denim shorts that looked more micro than mini, this fashion daredevil completed her outfit with a long cream fur coat and a pair of red and black Nike high tops. When you do the fashion math, it doesn’t add up to what you’d see on the front cover of a fashion magazine.

However, this diva was able to pull it off in her usual fashion. The long and short of it is that all eyes were on Rihanna with those well toned legs and daring new hemline. Most would agree that this outfit was definitely a Rihanna fashion statement.

What about Chris Brown?

Rumor has it that Drake and songstress Rihanna have been inseparable the moment she arrived in London for the concert.

Both partied together into the wee hours of the morning after the concert. Where’s Chris Brown? According to Rihanna, she’s cut all ties with him.

As a matter of fact, Brown was just kicked out of rehab and now in jail.

The Daily Star reports that Drake thinks Rihanna still talks with Brown and is extremely jealous. As long as Drake thinks they are still communicating, he’s putting getting serious on the back burner.

Is she living with Drake?

This talented beauty just put her Pacific Palisades mansion on the market for a whopping $15 million. Due to stalkers and burglars, Rihanna felt her safety was at risk. Must have been hard to put this beautiful 11,000 square foot home with a 6,000 square foot outdoor entertainment area up for sale. She is currently living at an undisclosed location. Perhaps, she’s living with Drake?

Rihanna is up for many awards at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Her nominations are right up there with Imagine Dragons and Justin Timberlake. She’s currently been nominated for “The Monster,” “Pour It Up” and Artist of the Year.

Not only does Rihanna continue to shock the fashion world with revealing outfits, she continues to reign right on top with her tunes. She’s the best of both worlds.

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