Opening Episode Of “Britain’s Got Talent” Draws 11 Million Viewers

April 20, 2014


Simon Cowell may have struck gold by moving the debut of “Britain’s Got Talent” away from direct competition with NBC’s “The Voice.” The move raked in 11 million viewers according to “The Guardian.” So what is it about “Britain’s Got Talent” that has everyone tuned in to the show? One of the reasons for the huge viewing audience is the lack of competition. Simon Cowell may have stumbled on the answer several years ago.

During a viewing war between “The Voice” and “X Factor,” Cowell explains about how important the audience is with these kinds of shows. His spiel can be seen in a YouTube clip from “The Ellen Show,” that is titled “Simon’s Frustration with The Voice.”

Playing to the viewers

The drama comes down to the fact that television audiences want to watch musical shows as they air. Many viewers participate in the voting system to support their favorite contestants. You cannot really do that if you are watching a taped episode.

Cowell eludes to this when he starts to discuss why you should not mess with the audience. That seems to be a truth that rang true when the opening episode of “Britain’s Got Talent” aired.

Making the difference

If you have watched the show, just WOW. Groups like “Collabro” helped push the standard of this talent show to the top. “Collabro” is a boy band, but quite a different boy band. They sing operatic style. You meet the group before they perform and they look like your average boy band. You build up a bias almost immediately because you’ve already seen a million boy bands.

The judges dismiss them before they even begin their act. Then they sing. The audience goes dead silent. The judges start to pay attention. Tiny dollar signs begin to form in Simon Cowell’s eyes. The group is not your average boy band. They have talent. They have something unexpected. Your previous bias is lost amid a storm of emotions that are stirred by their performance.

Midway through, the audience can no longer contain itself. People are clapping. People are standing. The nation is uniting around these five guys, and they have not even stopped singing.

History repeats itself

There is a flashback in mind to Susan Boyle’s audition on “Britain’s Got Talent” back in 2012. The same look on the judge’s faces is there. The same bias in the audience is there. The same transition between tired and dull to watching a star being born is there. Could this be history repeating itself? Tune in and find out!

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