Pure Britishness: 15 Brilliant Tweets Of Hugh Laurie In 2013

March 14, 2014

Hugh Laurie has enjoyed a hugely successful acting career in both Britain and America. Despite spending almost eight years in the US, Hugh remains the quintessential Englishman. His dry humour and acerbic wit have made him one of the best British comedians of all time.

As a gift to his fans and mankind in general, Hugh recently decided to open a Twitter account. This list looks at 15 gems that have come straight from the mind of the genius who gave us some of the most memorable characters from Blackadder.

1. The Elvis Reference


“Being English, I was born without hips, but I try to honour the event with some racy nostril-flaring”

Despite being a talented musician, Hugh revealed that he does not have the necessary dancing skills to pull-off a convincing Elvis impersonation. The tweet was referring to The Florida Theatre where Elvis once performed in front of a judge.

At a concert in 1956, Judge Marion Gooding was in attendance to supervise the amount of hip-gyrating that went on during the show. Judge Gooding warned Elvis that he would be charged with ‘impairing the morals of minors’ if he did not tone down his highly sexual dance moves.

2. Love For Kevin Costner


“Last occupant of this dressing room was Kevin Costner. The air is sweet but manly. I am going to trap some in a can for later.”

Proving that even Hollywood actors get star struck occasionally, Hugh was more than a little excited to catch a whiff of Robin Hood’s masculine aroma.

Although Hugh is an incredibly famous celebrity, he still has a long way to go until he reaches the dizzying heights of Kevin Costner’s level of fame. For now, Hugh seems to be happier touring with his band. In 2013, Hugh released an album entitled Didn’t it Rain that received widespread critical acclaim.

3. Eye For An Eye


“I’d boycott Russian goods if I could think of a single thing they made besides the rest of the world depressed.”

After the recent controversy over Russia’s draconian gay right’s laws, Hugh decided to hit back with a very cleverly-worded tweet. The Olympics have shed light on the hypocrisy of the Russian government who oppose homosexuality but welcome gay Olympic athletes.

The statement landed the actor in hot water with the Russian public who mistakenly believed he was calling for a boycott on Russian vodka. After a retraction and a half-hearted apology, Hugh was forgiven and peace was restored to Moscow.

4. The British Way


“On a train NY to Boston in glorious sunshine. Can’t find a single thing to moan about. I’m losing my touch.”

There are certain activities that British people can do better than any other nation on earth. Standing in an orderly queue, drinking beer before lunchtime, and complaining are just a few of the most popular sports in the UK.

Whilst travelling through America on public transport, Hugh found himself lost for words and unable to muster a single gripe. Exactly why Hugh was taking the train rather than a chauffeur-driven car was never revealed to his fans.

5. Scaring Children


“I offered my hand to a 10 yr old girl and she shunned it. Doesn’t shake hands with men. Her parents beamed like she’d just spoken Latin.”

Despite having millions of fans all over the world and thousands of Twitter followers, Hugh is not beloved by the entire planet. After being snubbed by a young girl, Hugh took to Twitter to tell his fans of her parent’s proud reaction.

Along with his partner of nearly 25 years, Hugh has two sons named Charlie and Bill and a daughter named Rebecca. The family reside in Belsize Park in North London.

6. Getting Older


“Hair disappearing from my head like sand from an hourglass. Although not growing out of my feet, which is a relief.”

Hugh was born in Oxford, England, in 1959 to parents who were of Scottish ancestry. Now 54, Hugh has managed to fit a lot into his career and has tried his hand at acting, singing, writing, directing and even doing voice-over work.

Even with all the money and fame in the world, no one can reverse the effects of time, and this tweet seemed to be Hugh’s way of lamenting the loss of his forgotten youth.

7. Fun with Immigration


“Quiet study time while the band fill in their visa forms for the next leg. General derision at the impertinence of government bureaucracy.”

The fact that you are a successful actor apparently does not buy you any favours from the immigration department as Hugh recently found out. The comedian vented his frustration on Twitter to his thousands of followers after having to fill out a series of ridiculous questions before being able to continue with his tour.

He then devised a few questions for the country in question such as “Question 19.4. Describe chemical trace elements in your drinking water.”

8. Pointless Parades


“A parade just marched past my window. Don’t know what for. Someone died, someone was born, someone bought some new socks.”

After being disturbed by celebrations just outside his place of residence, Hugh shared his thoughts on public celebrations. Although the tweet didn’t specify what country the actor was in at the time, the dry, sarcastic tone indicates that it may have been the US.

Americans love to put on a big parade complete with floats, fancy dress, balloons and all kinds of festivities. British people are generally more reserved. Like Hugh, we tend to prefer staying in and complaining about those having too much fun outside.

9. Timekeeping


“Heroic work from local crew. We’ll be ready 8pm. Florida Theatre Jacksonville. Don’t miss it. Because, you know. You can’t unmiss it later.”

Hugh got his first taste of music at the tender age of six after receiving piano lessons. His love for music has been a lifelong passion, and he now plays drums, guitar, piano, saxophone and harmonica. He is also a talented vocalist.

Along with his blues band, Hugh will be visiting the US, South America, Australia and his native land in 2014 to perform his own signature blend of jazz and blues music for his adoring fans.

10. What Would Frank Do?


“Yikes. As Sinatra liked to say ‘how’d all these people get in my room?’ If I’d known, I would have baked a cake.”

Hugh released his debut album in 2010 entitled Let Them Talk. The star-studded album featured talented guests such as Tom Jones, Dr John and Irma Thomas. Hugh’s first effort was extremely well received and led to him performing at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival alongside a jazz quintet.

Hugh has become almost as popular for his musical prowess as his acting career. He has also managed to use his musical talent for various TV shows such as Saturday Night Live, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, and Jeeves and Wooster.

11. Acid Flashback


“Woke up on an empty bus parked in a vast yellow hangar with no doors or windows. Assumed I was dead. Trippy but not unpleasant.”

Actors are known for going to extreme measures to research for roles, and Hugh made a startling confession regarding his preparation for the part of Dr. House. In order to get into the mind-set of the drug-addicted doctor, Hugh admitted to trying the powerful painkiller Vicodin in a recent interview.

The legal drug is extremely popular in the US and has been abused by many different celebrities for its sedative effects. It is also known to be highly addictive.

12. Knocking Obamacare


“Breathing Canadian air now. Minty fresh with a hint of healthcare. Might get a new hip while I’m here.”

Hugh has never been one to shy away from complex political issues and took the opportunity to comment on the US healthcare system while visiting Canada. Like the UK, Canada has free healthcare for its citizens and does not require them to have expensive medical insurance before they can receive treatment.

The controversy over the recently introduced Obamacare bill has led to many US citizens criticising their government after thousands were left without access to affordable treatment. Like a true Brit, Hugh decided the world needed to hear his thoughts on the matter.

13. Pre-Show Rituals


“Loving the half mile of Pittsburgh I’ve seen. Weighty. Bathing my temples in assess’ milk . The air tonight shall be filled with song.”

Every musician likes to prepare for their gig in a different way. Hugh decided to share his quirky method for getting ready to wow the audience before a Pittsburgh show. Hugh’s musical style has been described as ‘deep blues’ and ‘contemporary American’.

He has had to face some criticism as an Englishman attempting to emanate some of the great American Blues singers. Along with The Copper Bottom Band, Hugh has taken America by storm and is well respected for his musical career.

14. Parallel Universes


“M’colleague and I performing tonight in adjacent theatres in NY. It’s a funny old world. Compared to some of the others I’ve visited.”

To the US, Hugh is known as the brilliant but tortured Dr. Gregory House. Hugh’s American accent was so convincing that after seeing his audition tape, the show’s executive producer declared that Hugh was just the kind of compelling American actor he had been looking for.

Hugh also received two Golden Globes and a Screen Actors Guild award for the role. To British people however, Hugh will forever be the idiotic Prince Regent from Blackadder the Third.

15. From the Beginning


“Having damned this technology as the seed of Satan, I finally succumb. Let Tyrants Tremble and so forth.”

Despite initially resisting the urge to share his innermost thoughts with the world, Hugh eventually joined the Twitterverse. The internet has provided a way for fans to communicate with their favourite stars that was unimaginable just a few decades ago.

Twitter, Facebook and Myspace are all regularly used by almost every famous celebrity. However, it has come at a price as many celebrities including Hugh have found themselves on the receiving end of a backlash after an ill-advised tweet. The moral of the story? Never drink and tweet.


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