Rehab Can Wait – Lee Ryan Off To Moldova After Drink-Driving Arrest

April 21, 2014


Lee Ryan, of the British boy band “Blue,” got into more than a little bit of trouble when he was booked for driving drunk and causing damage in London last week. The news is, sadly, not shocking as the musician has been routinely seen partying until the early hours of the morning with more and more frequency.

Now with rehab ahead of him, the singer decided to ditch treatment for another tour abroad. What fueled his decision? Was it a smart choice?

What went wrong?

If you were looking for a catalyst to all of Ryan’s gallivanting and reckless behavior, you would probably have to point back to his split with Samantha Miller.

The former couple shares a 5 year old child together but their engagement was broken off.

Since then the man has been a bit of a party animal, with his latest arrest turning into one of the most dangerous incidents on his sheet.

Who was he partying with?

The night of the alleged incident, Ryan was seen partying with his band mate Duncan James, and a friend of theirs, Scott Ashley. While Duncan did not encounter any issues, Lee took it upon himself to drive after the party while in possession of a controlled substance and fully inebriated.

Back on the road?

Sources close to Lee say that he decided to hit the road with his band, heading first to Moldova, in order to try and make a couple bucks before going to rehab. Lee’s manager says that the young singer fully intends to go to rehab to seek help for problems that he can’t overcome on his own, but that his entry into the program will have to wait until after their next set of shows.

While it may not be a wise decision to let the man hit the road, it seems like everyone involved with Lee Ryan understand his risk and will be appropriately watching out for him.

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