Robert Pattinson And Katy Perry – Is There A New Romance In The Air?

April 22, 2014


As it turns out, a visit to Coachella can bring you more than just an unseasonably warm tan. If you play your cards right, you just might end up with a new significant other. If the rumors are true, this is exactly what happened to British actor Robert Pattinson and American recording artist and actress Katy Perry.

Will it last? Who knows? But, it will definitely be fun to watch.

Cool scenes, hot nights

When you go to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California, you go for the lifestyle. Coachella is in the middle of the desert, with hot, dry weather above 30 degrees.

And yet, everyone who is anyone wants to be there. This year’s show headlined bands OutKast, Muse and Arcade Fire.

In Coachella, there are a lot of opportunities to catch a glimpse of various stars bumping elbows.

It is no surprise that Pattinson and Perry might be seen together at Coachella. The two have been friends for a long time. Years ago, Perry said, the two got drunk and sang karaoke.

And, rumor has it, they once crashed a wedding party. But, despite their friendship, they have been attached to others in recent years. At the beginning of this year, Pattinson, 27, was still in a serious relationship with “Twilight” co-star Kristen Stewart. And Perry, 29, was dating recording artist and producer John Mayer.

But, both romances ended fairly recently. Since then, Perry and Pattinson have been getting closer than ever. At the H&M Music Party at Coachella, the two were spotted hanging out together.

Sources disagree

At this point, although the celebrity watchers are all abuzz about the connection, it is not clear whether Perry and Pattinson are ready to take their friendship to the next level, or just keep things as they are.

After rumors of a Perry/Pattinson relationship began to surface, other sources came forward with different perspectives of the two’s experience at Coachella. Rather than Pattinson, some say that Perry got together with DJ Diplo. At some point, Diplo was seen entering Perry’s bus, leading onlookers to conclude that they “definitely hooked up.”

Celebrity romances are full of intrigue. Although Pattinson and Perry have had long term relationships in the recent past, the fact that they are currently unhitched makes people wonder who they will go for next. And, it is quite possible that the next big fling for both of them started at Coachella.

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