Top 8 British Bands That Took The U.S. By Storm

January 6, 2014

British bands have made a huge impact on the american music scene. We take a look at some of the most popular ones that have taken the US music scene by storm.

1. One Direction

2013 American Music Awards

No one knows for sure if it is the adorable accents, the snazzy clothes, or the perfectly coiffed hair, but Simon Cowell did he U.S. a favor when he melded these five gents together. These boys have become as famous, or even more famous than our own homegrown boy bands.

2. Franz Ferdinand


This band was named after the famous Duke whose death sparked the First World War. The band had their heyday in the early 2000s and has since become a staple in the indie playlist of many American listeners.

3. Muse

The 2013 Brit Awards

This mellow band has become a fixture of American easy listening. The front man of the band even married American girl next door Kate Hudson. The band has been likened to Radiohead.

4. Coldplay

MTV Europe Awards

This band has long been a fixture in the American movie scene. The band has been together for over a decade and has made music that has been featured in American film all over the radio, and much more. After marrying Gwyneth Paltrow front man Chris Martin and his family moved back to the U.K.

5. The Darkness

The Darkness - Rock On The Range 2012 - Day 2

This glam metal band was perhaps one of the biggest bands of the mid 2000s. Perhaps it was the hair, perhaps the production, or more likely that the band hearkened to the good old days of 80s hair metal.

6. Radiohead

Radiohead Live at Victoria Park

This band has long stood the test of time and has been part of the U.S. music scene for years. They recently released their new album to rave reviews proving that no matter how long you stay in the business, if you have that spark it is next to impossible to lose it.

7. Little Mix

GirlguidingBig Gig, Press Room

This poppy foursome is the perfect accompaniment to any summer. These girls sure know how to party and how to make a super catchy album. These girls are snazzy, perfectly tailored, and incredibly fun.

8. The Wanted

2013 iHeart Radio Music Festival Day 2 Las Vegas

Much like One Direction, these boys sure know how to make a girl swoon. These heartthrobs are surely one of the summer’s hottest exports. These boys have competed with One Direction for prominence all summer and all reports show that they will continue to remain popular over time.

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