TOWIE Madness Continues – Lauren Pope Is Back For Series 12!

April 23, 2014


Fans of The Only Way Is Essex, affectionately known as TOWIE, will be pleased to know that Lauren Pope has confirmed that she is coming back for Series 12. The end of Series 11 raised a great deal of questions for fans about Lauren’s future involvement in the series.

In spite of the blonde beauty’s spat with best pal Chloe Sims, her fans will be excited to know that Lauren plans to return.

The unraveling of a friendship

Lauren and Chloe’s friendship started to take a downhill turn back in the ninth episode of Series 11. It was during this segment that Chloe revealed that she and Mario kissed. This, as can be expected, upset Lauren. Not only is there the usual tumultuous feelings surrounding a breakup, but she and Mario had called it quits in the not so distant past at that point.

This emotional time was still fresh in Lauren’s mind. Add that to the fact that Chloe is someone that Lauren thought she could count on to be a friend and she was, understandably, heartbroken to learn of the betrayal.

Series 12 and beyond!

TOWIE is slated to run for at least Series 12 and Series 13. Eager fans can only hope that the semi-reality television series will return for more episodes after that. During the hiatus between the dramatic end of Series 11 and the beginning of Series 12, Lauren has been attending to a number of other interests she maintains.

A savvy business woman, she has set herself up to be a success both on and off screen.

Lauren Pope, business woman

Lauren is one smart cookie, using the hiatus to focus on herself, and her interests. She noted that she hopes emotions on TOWIE will begin to calm in the next few months.

During the break between seasons, she decided to focus on herself by giving her businesses some additional attention as they are really beginning to take off.

Currently, she is focusing on her line of clothing called “The Style by Lauren Pope” and its summer collection. Additionally, Hair Rehab London, another of her businesses, is keeping her busy.

Taking a holiday to relax and recharge in some sunshine drenched locale might also be on the agenda for the blonde actress before she starts work on Series 12.

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