Truth Behind The Puffy Face Of Lauren Goodger

April 4, 2014

Lauren Goodger looked a bit puffy when she was photographed the other day, but swears she hasn’t undergone any botox treatment, in which injections are made to wrinkles in the skin to literally inflame and freeze the skin in place.

The former star of “Towie,” the hit British show, looked unusual at an event and was accused by the press of having had surgery, something she vehemently denied.

She ultimately explained that the look was due to a laser treatment which was meant to give her younger looking skin.

In a column, Goodger explains in detail

In a column for new! Magazine, Goodger went into detail about why she now looks the way she looks: “I was accused of having surgery on my face again after I was pictured looking puffier than usual at an event,” she wrote.

“While I was in LA, I had a mild CO2 laser procedure done to my face, but that’s it. I had it done around my eyes and mouth to bring out the natural collagen and the doctor warned me my face would stay puffy for up to two weeks afterwards.”

Goodger also said the doctor’s diagnosis about the puffiness was ultimately accurate: “”I looked like a chipmunk when I left the clinic, but it’s calmed down since.”

Why now?

Critics have made light of the fact that her face still looks incredibly swollen and if this is less than the way she looked when she left the clinic, she must have looked outrageous right after the procedure.

All of this work that Goodger is having done may be in lieu of her upcoming music debut later in 2014, as this is a major opportunity to start a new career.

The actress, model and reality star has already had a few careers already. Between 2010 and 2012, she starred in the hybrid reality show “The Only Way is Essex,” before leaving in season 6. She also had a relationship with another member of the show, Mark Wright, before admitting she aborted their baby before they split up.

Since then she has been in a number of different reality competition series in the UK, as well as an author of an autobiography called “Secrets of An Essex Girl.” However, with the interest in a music career, there is a chance Goodger can broaden her career into an even more artistic plain and it appears, through the recent changes to her appearance, that she is determined to do so.

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