Twelve Incredible Facts About Beautiful Game Of Thrones Star Emilia Clarke

March 5, 2014

Emilia Clarke has attracted a lot of attention with her captivating portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen in “Game of Thrones”. Here are twelve fun facts about this beautiful English actress.

1. Love for acting at the age of three


Her interest in acting reportedly began when she attended a production of “Show Boat” while her father was working as a sound engineer for the theatre. She was just three years old at the time, but her passion continued into her adolescence, when she took part in two school productions before applying to London’s famous Drama Centre.

2. First TV appearance


Her first television appearance was a guest role in “Doctors”, a BBC daytime soap about the personal and professional lives of a group of medical practitioners. In the show, Emilia played a girl struggling with a particularly complex relationship with her father.

3. First film role


Her first film role was in a 2010 movie called “Triassic Attack”. The movie was made for TV, and revolved around a roadside museum owner who accidentally brought dinosaur fossils to life in a small town.

4. Blonde or brunette


Due to the fact that she wears a long blonde wig on “Game of Thrones”, Emilia claims that fans on the street rarely recognize her. A natural brunette, she is mostly spotted by what she calls “die-hard” fans, and tends to be shocked or surprised when someone does recognize her.

5. Game of Thrones role


Emilia views her role as Daenerys as one that promotes a healthy image of women due to the fact that Daenerys is “more than just somebody’s wife” or girlfriend. Daenerys is a portrayed as a strong leader with the ability to overcome adversity and fight for justice.

6. Recovered from a brain aneurysm


Emilia suffered a brain aneurysm in early 2013, and she was successfully treated for this heath problem in New York. Most brain aneurysms occur after age forty, so this was a highly unusual case.

7. Sings and plays three instruments


In addition to being a very talented actress, Emilia has a range of musical talents. Specifically, she has an excellent singing voice, and she can play three instruments (the piano, the guitar and the flute).

8. Upcoming roles


It has recently been announced that Emilia will be playing the role of Sarah Connor in an upcoming reboot of “The Terminator” that is due to be released in 2015. Interestingly, Emilia’s “Game of Thrones” co-star Lena Headey (who plays Cersei Lannister) has also played this role in a related TV series called “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.”

9. Love life


She dated the actor Seth MacFarlane, but this relationship reportedly ended in March of 2013.

10. Other careers apart from acting


She has said that if she had not chosen acting as her career, she would have pursued singing, graphic design or architecture.

11. Excellent athlete


She has a wide range of sports skills, including ice-skating, rowing, sailing, swimming, tennis and horse riding.

12. Roles at Drama Centre London


At Drama Centre London, she played many leading and supporting roles in plays. Some of the most noteworthy include Anna in “The Government Inspector”, Raymonde in “A Flea in Her Ear”, Rosencrantz in “Hamlet” and Isabelle in “The Changeling”.

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