Who Broke Up in 2013? Find out Right Now!

January 23, 2014

Relationships and finding someone you enjoy spending all your time with isn’t easy. Take a look at all the hottest celebrity couples who called it quits in 2013.

1. Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom


The rumors of their break up proved correct. The couple had been together for almost six years since their first meeting in 2007. They have a two-year-old son together named Flynn. The couple were able to manage the breakup in a decent way which is why it didn`t make the tabloid headlines.

2. Cheryl Cole and Tre Holloway


Cheryl Ann Cole, an English artist, and Tre Holloway’s (an American dancer) brief relationship came to an end this year. Their relationship began fruitfully in January 2011 when Tre visited the UK. The speculations are that the relationship had fallen apart in June of this year, but the couple tried to put it under the carpet for some time.

3. Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower


Famous English actress who has starred in The Blind Side and Abduction, Lily Jane Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower have also come to the end of their relationship this year. Their relationship started with a joint appearance in the film, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. The couple insisted that they are friends and will remain friends.

4. Kit Harington and Rose Leslie


English actor of the series Game of Thrones, who plays Jon Snow in the television drama, broke up with co-star Scottish born actress Rose Leslie. Both are accomplished actors and have many things in common. Their break up was unexpected and will definitely make filming the next seasons of Game of Thrones difficult for both.

5. Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco


The famous actor of the film Man of Steel broke up with the actress Kaley Cuoco. The relationship was hardly few weeks old.

6. Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger


The couple blamed their busy work schedule for the break-up. Their relationship was quite developed and serious and rumors were in the air about their possible marriage. Lewis Hamilton is a famous British Formula One racing driver and Nicole Scherzinger is an American singer and songwriter.

7. Spencer Matthews and Lucy Watson


Spencer Matthews and Lucy Watson’s break up is a true example of modern relationships’ scenarios. Spencer has been blamed to be unfaithful to Lucy Watson. This has led to the end of their year long relationship. Lucy found out about Matthews’ betrayal by her fans that tweeted about his activities.

8. Naomi Campbell and Vladimir Doronin


A strange relationship started in 2008 when British super model Naomi Campbell and Russian Vladimir Doronin, a billionaire, began their journey together. In this relationship, Vladimir has spent lavishly on the supermodel. Before the start of this relationship, he was married to Ekaterina and they have a daughter.

During his affair with Campbell, Vladimir did not part with his wife. According to his wife, “it’s a ridiculous affair”. The relationship has finally ended.

9. Emilia Clarke and Seth MacFarlane


A far distant relationship met its ultimate fate when Emilia Clark, English actress of Game of Thrones and Seth Macfarlane, an American actor, ended their romance. The distance and their scheduling made for an unrealistic relationship from the start. Their relationship lasted six months.

10. Anna Kendrick and Edgar Wright


Edgar Wright is a successful British Film director and Anna Kendrick is a fabulous actress. The couple has decided to part ways. They were together for four years and were not expected to break up. However, due to reasons that are unclear, the couple ended their relationship this year.

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