Wow! Sarah Harding Performs Solo For The First Time… In Fishnet Tights

April 2, 2014


With your first live musical performance, you certainly want to turn some heads and make an impression. One of the best ways to do that is to dress outrageously, by wearing fishnet tights and a black bodice. At least that’s if you ask Sarah Harding, the popular English performance artist, model, dancer and actress.

Going solo is successful so far

Known for her time in the famous pop group Girls Aloud, Harding has now gone out on her own as a solo artist and made a real impression in her second ever solo performance at the O2 Islington Academy in London by wearing the aforementioned fishnet tights and black bodice while delivering what most in the audience described as a truly bold and rousing performance.

She also rocked four inch boots the whole time and proved that she was ready for this next step in her career, out on her own.

Her past success

The 32-year-old singer has had an incredible amount of success in her 12 year career, after she was cast on the British competition reality show “Popstars: The Rivals on ITV” back in 2002.

By winning that she was awarded a spot in the girl group Girls Aloud and over the next decade the girl power music team had twenty consecutive top ten singles, including four number one hits, which is a rare feat for any music group in this day and age.

Six of their studio albums were certified platinum by the British Phonographic Institute, two of which went number one in the UK, and accumulated five BRIT award nominations. The group won best single for their song “The Promise” in 2009, which is arguably the peak of the group’s torrid run through the British and European music industry.

The break and trouble

Girls Aloud took a break after that, though that didn’t seem to slow Harding down much, even though it may have troubled her in other ways. She took to acting in a number of films, as well as performing her own songs on those films’ soundtracks, which was her first real foray into her solo career. Harding also began modeling on a regular basis, for companies like Ultimo lingerie.

However, the lack of structure that existed in Girls Aloud, or perhaps other things in Harding’s life, led to a drug and alcohol addiction, which landed her in rehab in 2011. After a year recovering, Harding rejoined Girls Aloud in 2012 to celebrate their tenth anniversary as a band.

Back to solo life


After the reunion, the band released a few more songs and did a few more performances before announcing their latest split in 2013.

Harding seemed revived however and truly focused on her solo career, which she had been nurturing and working on since her return from rehab in 2012.

While she hasn’t released a solo album quite yet, (though it’s been slated for sometime in 2014, after it wasn’t quite released in 2013) the live performances are a first step.

Fans took to Twitter to rejoice over Harding’s second show at Islington in particular, so at this point, it appears Harding’s newest career as a solo pop artist has incubated quite well. Of course, the real proof will be when that first album is released.

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